About Luisella B

The sources of inspiration that spark Luisella B's fervid creativity are many: art, travelling to exotic places, and the raw materials that shape her work. But, of all the materials she works with, what excites her most is crystal, and how this prized glass refracts light, softening and toning sharp colours. Such a wonder of nature nurtures seeds of ideas that in time become beautifully crafted, stylish Italian finery. Never to compromise her standards, Luisella B entrusts production to small artisanal laboratories in Milan, and other parts of Italy too, each one a specialist in some area of the trade.

Luisella B gives life to adornment for todays discerning woman comprising necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, as well as, cufflinks, jeweled suspenders for the daring, and belt buckles! Each one of her creations, it is fair to say is unique, but versatile too. A formidable duo enhanced by handmade trimmings that seem to bring out the personality of whoever wears them.

Luisella B Ibiza glamour jewellery


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